Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Updated list

As I've start putting things away and "moving in" (slowly but surely), I'm going through this first wave of donations (I know some people are waiting for the update to see what I still need), here's the updated wish list of things I still want/need:

Tools - Bought a basic tool set at Target. But could use a drill eventually. And maybe a level and studfinder since I need to install some shelving in my kitchen.

Gardening tools - I've got a small yard that I'm responsible for keeping up. But no tools. Maybe I just need to get the kid a small electric mower and have him get to work. Or if you know of anyone who'd do the upkeep for cheap, let me know! I do NOT have a green thumb.

Dining room table and chairs (preferably a rectangle shape in a dark wood) and buffet/sidetable. My pantry and cabinet space in the kitchen is fairly limited, so I'm going to need some sort of china cabinet or bar or something to keep all my dishes and glasses, etc.


Musical instruments - I'd been teaching myself to play guitar, so I bought a basic Epiphone acoustic guitar about a year ago. Had a small keyboard as well. Would love to get the music back into my life.

Computer and printer
- saving for a new Mac and currently using a loaner laptop from work, but will need my own eventually. And probably sooner rather than later.

Basic desk - nothing fancy, just a place where Ricky can sit and do his homework

CDs and DVDs - THIS is something that I didn't think of at first. But losing 10,000 songs on my iTunes is going to take a really long time to replace. Thanks to all who've been burning CDs for me!

A TV or computer armoire
(debating for Ricky's room or playroom)

Futon - for the playroom/sleepovers

Bunkbeds - for Ricky's room. We've got a great twin bed in there now, but we frequently have a schoolmate staying with us as well, so the extra bed would be ideal . . . although that might just give me an excuse to take a trip to Ikea (who's got a big enough trunk?)

Kitchen stuff
- George Foreman grill: easy dinners? Yes, please. Toaster. Blender.

Clothes - Ricky is set for the school year, but I've still got a ways to go in terms of rebuilding my wardrobe. I've gotten some great stuff, but still need a lot more. And women's bodies are so different, that some of the donated stuff didn't fit and I'm still searching for skirts and such for work.

- We live half a block from the Canal and a few blocks from the Monon. So we'd love to start taking advantage of these and being more active. I believe Ricky's got a new bike coming from a bike company out west, but I'm going to need one too. (A skateboard might be nice for him too.)

Outdoor stuff - Porch swing, small grill, small porch table and chairs.

Again, thank you to everyone who's donated cash, sent gift cards, given us furniture and/or manpower to move that furniture, etc. I feel greedy and ungrateful asking for more things when I've already received so much. And really, these are all things we can do without because we've got all the basics!

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